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About HelperLibrary幫家館

Platform connecting Employers with Helpers !
Domestic Helpers, Drivers, Part time cleaner, Maternity Specialist, Babysitter

HelperLibrary Consultants sees the need for a smart and efficient APP for easy helper and employer search…….therefore stepping forward from tradition and launched the world’s first revolutionary mobile APP connecting everyone anytime, anywhere in 3 convenient languages!

Why our service?
• A global platform connecting employers and helpers directly 24hrs
• 6 main household job categories
• Job Alerts and Inter-active Automatch function
• No Placement fees
• One stop shop for all helper needs for a family or company

Simple procedures for Employer :
1. Fill in work requirements
2. Message or Call helper directly
3. Video or in-person interview
4. Found match ? Go for “Direct Hire “ processing packages

Benefits for Employer
• Efficiency from smartphone or PC
• Wide database on local and overseas helpers
• Whole family can select together
• Unique Auto-match function
• Build in message system for interview

Benefits for Helper
• Interactive auto-match function provides option to find ideal employer
• Option to contact all ideal employers proactively
• Job search and interview not restricted on holiday anymore
• Easy to upload

Simple procedures for Helper
1. No placement fee
2. Fill in personal details and work experience
3. Check “Job Alert confirm interest “yes or no”
4. Employer will contact you or
5. Message employer directly
6. Interview

Infact, you’ve got choices! That is the HelperLibrary Spirit !

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