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About Help The Universe

In day-to-day life, we face different issues or problems. Problems could be medical or non-medical. But when it's a medical emergency then we hardly get any solution. Sometimes spending money also we can't buy a bottle of blood.

There is not a single social media platform that is currently addressing this issue.

Hence we launched Help The Universe. This is a social networking platform that will give access to your nearby like-minded people and get help from them.

There are two ways users can ask for help from our application.

1. Open forum: Open forum means a forum that is open for everyone. Anyone can join this forum and ask for help. With your location, the system makes a virtual circle ( Hence we made location mandatory in sign up). By default, its radius is 150Km. We have given a provision to extend it till 200Km.

You don't need to be a part of any group or community to avail this feature.

How to use this feature:

There are two ways you can access this feature.

a. Shortcut: Once you open the app at the bottom you will find "Need help". Click on this and shoot your questions. When u submit, It reaches to open forum.

How to see my question/query, where it posted: Goto Forums->Forum-> Open forum.

b. Another way to ask questions in an open forum is Goto Forums->Forum-> Open forum. You will find a plus button at bottom right corner. Click on this and shoot your questions.

How to see my question where it posted: Goto Forums->Forum-> Open forum.

2. Community Forum: A community forum means users can ask for help from a community. Now there are two ways to avail of this particular feature.

a. User can create their own community and ask for help in that community itself (As we are just launching our product we have limited this feature to one community with one email ID. We shall extend this in future)

How to use this feature:

Goto Forums->Community-> Create Community. Users can create a community by clicking the plus button. Once the community is created then enter that community.

Forums-> Community ,You'll find groups (List) of communities -> Find your community. Click to enter. Once the user enters then to ask for help click on the plus button ( bottom right corner)

You will see two options appears.

First one:

"Admin Post"- As here the user is the admin of that community then he/she can send admin messages in that community. Access is global. No matter which geography one user stays they can see that admin post if they are part of that community.

Second one:

"Need help"- It works like any other usual help post. Access is local. Only local users can see that post

Example: If a user creates a community for his/her political party x thinking their party members to stay united and get help when they need it.

Now if he/she wants to send a message to his whole community members. Then he/she uses an admin post. That message will reach every member who is in that community, no matter which geography they are located. Now if the admin wants to send a message to his/their local community members then he/she can use the usual "Need help" post.

b.User can follow any community:

The user just needs to follow any community they want and they could be a part of that community and ask for help. then choose different categories of community and follow anyone ( there is no restriction for the user. The User can be a part of multiple communities) Once the user "Follow" a community. He/she can be a part of that community. Then you can ask your query/ question by clicking the plus button (which is located at the bottom right corner). Users can see his/her post in that community itself.

Other features of Help The Universe:

Find friends, & photos in your social network

Keeping up with friends is faster and easier than ever. Share updates and photos, engage with friends and Pages and stay connected to communities important to you.

Help the universe is only available for users age 18 and over.

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