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About Inventory Wolf

Inventory Wolf is an inventory app for disaster preparedness. Whether you are new to prepping, or already have substantial stores, Inventory Wolf is for you.

A simple onboarding experience to quickly setup a prepping plan based on relevant situations, such as:
* Earthquakes
* Winter storms
* Hurricanes and flooding
… and more

Recommended food supplies are designed to adhere to the 2020 USDA Dietary Guidelines

Set prepping goals for each item and view the Shopping List report to see what’s still needed

Set expiration dates for items and get push notifications when items are expiring, or see what’s expiring at any time in the Expiring Items report

Includes a built-in barcode scanner, connected to a database of millions of items, to speed up inventory data entry

Manage multiple storage caches

Multiple data management options, including
* CSV file export and import
* Backup your inventory database to a file you can email and share
* Or stay fully private – none of your inventory data is sent outside of the app

Fully customizable and nestable item categories and caches

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Inventory Wolf?

Inventory Wolf is an inventory app for disaster preparedness.

Who is Inventory Wolf for?

Inventory Wolf is for anyone, whether they are new to prepping or already have substantial stores.

What are the features of Inventory Wolf?

The features of Inventory Wolf include a simple onboarding experience, recommended food supplies based on dietary guidelines, setting prepping goals and viewing shopping lists, setting expiration dates for items, receiving push notifications for expiring items, built-in barcode scanner, managing multiple storage caches, various data management options, and customizable item categories and caches.

What situations does Inventory Wolf provide prepping plans for?

Inventory Wolf provides prepping plans for various situations such as earthquakes, winter storms, hurricanes, flooding, and more.

How does Inventory Wolf help with inventory data entry?

Inventory Wolf has a built-in barcode scanner connected to a database of millions of items, which speeds up inventory data entry.

What data management options are available in Inventory Wolf?

Inventory Wolf offers CSV file export and import, backup of inventory database to a file for email and sharing, as well as the option to keep inventory data fully private without sending it outside of the app.

Can the item categories and caches in Inventory Wolf be customized?

Yes, Inventory Wolf allows for fully customizable and nestable item categories and caches.
Awesome! Just what I (beginner prepper) needed.
Leo B-H
Just wow! This is super comprehensive and customizable. I have been looking for something like this for a while. Can't wait to start doing my inventory and seeing what I have on hand vs what I need. Great jo...
Aaron Lester
Very well done and functional. Enjoying experimenting with this app.
Skjoldur Ljoss
.This app shows that I am not ready and need to get ready
Stealth Survivalist