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We continue to iterate based on real-time clinician feedback so that you will have the best experience providing life-saving care at the bedside.

The MGH PALS app was developed by Harvard-trained physicians, in collaboration with the American Heart Association (AHA), to help fellow physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and emergency medical technicians (EMT) deliver the highest level of pediatric advanced life support (PALS) at the point-of-care. This project was inspired by the tremendous success of our MGH ACLS app, which has thousands of clinician users in over 100 countries. Importantly, real-time feedback from our clinician users continuously drives improvements in app design, features, and function.

MGH PALS is the only app to have all content vetted by both the American Heart Association (AHA) science team (with license to use PALS content) and practicing Harvard-affiliated physicians.

We owe it to our patients to use the best digital health tools to give them the highest chance of surviving acute life-threatening illnesses. To this end, we have developed a free, intuitive, and rigorously vetted mobile app to assist healthcare clinicians—at any stage of training—navigate PALS at the bedside.


- Intuitive design to rapidly access PALS pathways (i.e. cardiac arrest , tachycardia with pulse, bradycardia with pulse, post cardiac arrest care, and critical care references)

- Includes all PALS content including drug therapy and dosing, reversible causes, etc.

- Easy-to-read timers and ability to log rounds of CPR, epinephrine, and defibrillations

- Button within cardiac arrest algorithm that allows for rapid transition to post cardiac arrest care checklist once patient achieves ROSC

- Relevant critical care references: (1) drugs used in PALS (i.e., medication names, indications, and doses); (2) vital signs in children; (3) pediatric color-coded length-based resuscitation tape (Breslow tape) ; (4) pediatric Glasgow Coma Scale

- All content rigorously vetted by AHA science team and practicing Harvard-affiliated physicians

- Regularly updated with the most up-to-date PALS content

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