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About Haultail®

What is Haultail®

Haultail® is a patent pending delivery network service. Based on peer-to-peer rideshare technology, it's Simple, Convenient, and Safe when delivering bulky, oversized items or removing debris from the home, business or jobsite.

Haultail® Customer

Haultail® connects you with the right driver that can get the job done. It is a “Truck at your Fingertips”™, the mobile application selects the right sized vehicle that is appropriate for the load you have entered in. When purchasing new items from the store, snap a picture of the receipt and select the pick up and delivery location and time. Your delivery is automatically insured for the first $250. Additional insurance can be purchased up to $2500 of your newly purchased items. As for used items, they are Haultailed “as is”. Upload information into the application, provide pictures of everything being picked and the location and time for pick up. Pricing is set automatically and provided before confirming your job rather than an estimate. The entire process is seamless, straight forward, reliable and efficient, by safely connecting your delivery with a registered driver, allowing you to track your job in real time.

Take the concern away with buying or selling goods on online classified sites. Haultail® does the pick up or delivery for you, avoiding going to unknown locations and having to meet with unknown people.

-Download the Customer Haultail® app and you will be guided through the registration process. When you need a delivery or to have debris disposed of you can open the app and simply enter the information that is requested. Simple.

Haultail® in Retail and Online

Haultail® enhances the shopping experience for customers of retailers or online store owners by providing an easy to use solution enabling same day delivery of a customer’s purchases. Haultail® provides a service to remedy your overflow of delivery needs or additional infrastructure needed to gratify customers and their expectations. Brand your location with Haultail® as an available service being offered and be pinned on the Haultail® map for customers to see.

-Have the customer download the Customer Haultail® app and will be guided through the registration process. Upload the receipt and photo of the items and request a date and time. Payment for the service is made through the app and the customer is directly connected to a registered driver in the area. The customer will be able to track the driver in real time.

Haultail® Driver

As the driver, you will be able to sign up and when approved, have the ability to take jobs that are based on the convenience of your schedule between the hours of 6am to 8pm daily. Haultail® is for those drivers that own a truck, van or suv suitable for jobs. As an approved driver, you are able earn extra money and keep 100% of your tips.

- Download the Haulail Driver app and get started. You will then be guided through a registration process. After you have completed the initial application and accepted as a Driver, you will go through a 3rd party verification process, including a background check, before you will be able to start your first Haultail® job. It's that easy.

Getting started
- The app's core focus is to connect you to people that need delivery or disposal services. Using Haultail® will let the focus be on the driving while you Haultail®it to your first job.
- Haultail® provides support for in-app features to ensure it's easy to navigate and communicate. In addition to in-app support for features, we have an extensive FAQ guideline that clarifies any questions you may have. For safety and security all trips through the app are GPS tracked.

Getting paid
- There is an in-app earnings section where you can see how much you've made after every job completed.

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It is awesome!! Helpfull App Thank you!!
Іван Нишпор
Very easy to use and something that I wish was around for ever. Bought a couch and had to go pick it up. Haultail was able to schedule a pick up for later and went and got it for me. Really amazing service!
Ralph Herro
1st time using this app. My driver was very professional and polite. The absolutely necessary app. You deliver anything anywhere at a cheap price.
Alex Diz