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About ما وراء الطبيعة 1-20

Metaphysics is a series of fictional novels by the Egyptian writer Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq, centered on fictional personal memories of a retired Egyptian hematologist named Rifaat Ismail about the series of supernatural incidents that he was exposed to in his life, starting from the year 1959, or the stories that he received from different people around the world, they heard About his relationship with the paranormal world.

The series Metaphysics began in 1993, and until 2014, Issue 80 was published, which is the legend of myths, Part Two, in which the writer ended Rifaat Ismail's life with a terminal illness with the promise of stories that he had not told yet found in his memoirs after his death. Rifaat Ismail's first appearance in 1993 was an account of his adventure with the mummy of Count Dracula in 1959 and the adventure that followed in 1961 with a werewolf in Romania.

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البرنامج بيتيح لك ان انت تنزل القصة بالنت بتاعت بيتك تقرأها من غير نت مناسب جدا للمشاوير الطويلة
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