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About My gogo-food delivery

Still because of language barriers, is it an obstacle to tasting food?
Still unable to enjoy local cuisine because of unfamiliar traffic,
Still thinking about the taste of home because of being in a foreign country?
With mygogo APP, it will be a thing of the past!
Chinese, English, and Burmese can be switched freely. No matter Chinese, Western, or Burmese, they will be translated into your native language, making language no longer an obstacle.
The professional distribution team, no matter where you are, just give us a chance to order an address, we will send the world to you.
A wide variety of restaurants, including Chinese, Western, Burmese, hot pot, barbecue, baking, burgers, breakfast, afternoon tea, supper, desserts, desserts, flowers, fruits and vegetables, fresh, sushi, coffee , China supermarket shopping ... convenient life, mastered, all in MYGOGO!
MYGOGO allows you to enjoy life and understand life!
【The main function】
Takeaway food near the net, make an appointment to order;
Eat, drink, and play all in one, enjoy it in your hands;
Timely notification of the delivery status, delivery on time;
Intelligent screening and sorting restaurant for ordering;
Various discounts on drinks and discounts;
Take a photo of the takeaway food, have fun;
Redeem the points at the mall to redeem the surprises;
Pay cash on delivery online, and spend peace of mind;
With MYGOGO, everything is in control! What are you waiting for? Experience a safe and quality take-away ordering service right away!
[About MYGOGO]
MYGOGO take-out is a professional take-out service platform. With the concept of life as simple, we are committed to using innovative technology to create a leading one-stop life service platform in Southeast Asia and the world, promoting the digitization process in Southeast Asia and bringing the Internet + new life. Experience.

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