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About HappyNest Invest

Did you know that most professional investors recommend investing at least 5% or more of your savings in real estate investments?

Become a commercial real estate investor in 2 minutes or less. With only $10 and a smartphone, you can start investing in a portfolio of high-quality real estate rented to big-name brands.

We collect rent checks, package them, and then shell them out to you in quarterly dividends.

Not sure that commercial real estate investing is for you?
Our financial guru, Eggmund Savemore, is an investor, inventor, and all-around good egg. This zany and brainy guide will lead you on your journey to riches and teach you the best ways to earn passive income from real estate investments.

Eggmund Savemore believes making money should be fun, and we agree!

How do you invest in real estate with little money?
1) Link a U.S bank account to HappyNest.
2) Calculate real-time predicted returns by simply toggling between investment goal and investment amount in our interface.
3) Set up weekly or monthly recurring deposits to grow your nest egg with ease.
4) Earn quarterly income from high-quality commercial real estate investments hand-selected by a team of experts**

Why is Commercial Real Estate one of the best investments?
• Secure: All rent payments are guaranteed, even if the tenant leaves early
• Reliable: Planned rent increases assure your income grows with you
• Stable: Leases with ten years or more offer protection from market swings
• Dependable: Cash dividends from rent payments increase your wealth steadily

Here are just a few highlights:
• Easy to Get Started: $10 minimum investment lets you start small and grow
• Intuitive and Easy to Understand: Perfect for new real estate entrepreneurs
• Access to Experts: Experienced management team**
• Low Fees: $0 broker commissions or monthly user-fees***

Security & Privacy:
• Safeguard your data with SSL 256-bit encryption
• We never store any information on your phone.
• Your information is well-guarded with bank-level security and multi-factor authentication.
• Continuous fraud monitoring identifies and notifies you of any unusual account activity.

"Real estate ownership can build multi-generational wealth. You can achieve your goals if you make a plan and stick to it. It's never too early (or late) to begin your journey to financial freedom. Start small and dream bigger!" - Jesse Prince, CEO & CO-Founder

Sign up and become a real estate investor today!


*$0 monthly user fees regardless of the account value

**Collectively, our team has over 100 years of experience and $1.0B investment experience.

***HappyNest keeps fees low by cutting out the middleman and selling shares directly to you. We can provide this reduced fee by taking advantage of recent laws passed by Congress that help us bring real estate investing right to your fingertips!

HappyNest, Eggmund Savemore, the "Egg & Nest" logo are trademarks of Vitellus LLC, d.b.a "HappyNest."

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HappyNest is fantastic. Super user friendly with great features showing projected growth on your investment. Customer service has been very responsive for the issue I had with automatic bank verification and...
Geoffrey Tane
Make Money Online
Jean Philippe Pharau
This app is amazing!!! Finally an easy to use real estate app that is fun for the whole family!!! Great sign up process...really easy to get started!
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