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About Baseball Scoreboard BSC

** Now celebrating 16 years on mobile devices.

Attention baseball fans, parents, and umpires: the world's easier to use baseball scoreboard is now available in the palm of your hand! Scorekeeping has never been this easy.

What's the count? How many out? What's the score? What inning is it?

Baseball Scoreboard BSC allows you to effortlessly track all of the above during a game, so you'll always know the right answer. Runs for the guest and home teams, as well as the current inning are easily trackable with this simple scoring app. As well, the ball strike clicker functionality is a perfect substitute for an umpire clicker.

With vibration feedback, cool click effects, and smart reset options, you can be confident you're scoring the ball game right, without taking your eye off the game. In addition to baseball, this app is capable of tracking the score for fastball, softball, and hardball. Scorekeeping for all levels of ball, from little league baseball, high school, college, to pro, is a delight for the user.

Download the easiest to use baseball scoreboard app today, and always know the score!

What users are saying about Baseball Scoreboard BSC (list compiled from all mobile releases):

- Awesome. Watching games when there is no scoreboard always has me wondering what the score is. I love helping keep track and knowing exactly where we are in the game. It also gets other fans to interact with me as they want to know the score as well. The subtract feature and auto reset are a definite plus.

- Great Discovery! Super easy to use and has everything we need! Kids can use app to keep track of the count while grown ups keep the book! Works great!

- Easy simple to use loving it

- So easy and helpful! It's so hard to keep track of the score and calls of my little sister's rec league games especially when the innings drag on forever. Perfect!

- Works Great. Forgot my handheld counter and quickly found this App just before game time. Worked awesomely!! I'm done with the old handheld.

- Best app. great! when the scoreboards at our travelball tournaments dont work this comes in handy A LOT even when the park scoreboard does work!!

- Best thing to come into my life! While going to school baseball games is something I really enjoy I always found myself asking around for the inning or the score. This app makes my life so much easier! It's easy to use and so useful, and free... Who doesn't love free?

- Perfect for the job!

- Great! Perfect little app for keeping track of my sons score when there is no scoreboard. Quick easy and does precisely what I hoped it would.

- Fantastic. Able to keep track and watch more of the game. Two thumbs up!

- Excellent! Great app, I used it today in a game and is excellent, easy and fast to use ! I'll recommend it to everybody!

- Great app to keep you involved in the game!

- Awesome. Excellent app for those games where there's no scoreboard!!!!

- Awesome App! I am a Middle School PE and softball coach. This app works great. I downloaded it and have my students use it to stay focused on the game. It has everything they need.

- I no longer officiate but I announce. I use this as a back up to the scoreboard. Love it!!!

- Sweet! This app rocks!

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Perfect accompaniment to a day at Little League. Easy to keep track of (and fix my mistakes!!) balls and strikes. No frills... Just easy peasy score keeping. ⚾
Brian Johnston
Jeff Zuno
Good for little league
Vincent Poole Jr