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About Ludo Pro - Hamro Games

Ludo is a classic and popular game commonly played by children and adults in different countries. A special Ludo board is used for rolling the dice and move the tokens assigned to each player. The special areas in the Ludo boards are colored Yellow, Green, Red and Blue. Each player is assigned four tokens of matching colors. The players race their tokens from start to finish according to the dice rolls. We have brought this amazing Ludo game for Android phone users for a great gaming experience. You can play Ludo with the computer/system. A maximum of four players can play this game at a time. Now engage yourself and your friends playing Ludo in your mobile phones and tablets.

Features of Ludo:
Board Design:
The board is where the dice is rolled and tokens are moved. Special areas of the board are colored Yellow, Green, Red and Blue. Each player is assigned a color and four tokens of matching color. The board is square with a cross shaped game tracks with each arm of the cross consisting of three columns of squares. The middle columns have five squares colored which represents the player’s home column. The sixth colored square on the side of the token home area is the player’s starting square. The large square composed of colored triangles atop the player’s home columns is the finishing square. The board supports up to four players and the best part is the game can be played alone with the computer/system.

Other Features:
• Sound on/mute
• Works on phone and tablets on full resolution
• Low storage consumption
• Options to choose board/dice color
• Automatically saves the game when you exit it and you can begin session from where you stopped last time
• User friendly interface
• Rich Graphics
• Speed control option while moving the tokens

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One of the best ludo game in play store.
Marshal Gnawali
Best game for time pass
Aadesh Gaihre
Dimi chha beacouse it is made by mepali people
Prajwol YT
This is very beautiful game
Gorkhali Yt Gaming
Sagun Binu
Bibash Parajuli