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About Halo Cleaner - Phone Optimizer

Halo Cleaner is here to make phone cleaning up process easy, fun & safe.
When the device storage is almost full, space usage is critically high, and the battery life is only half a day. You decide to clear up the space manually only when your device can hardly respond to your commands. You actually have no time or desire to flush the cache, choose duplicate pictures yourself, and so on. Does it sound familiar?

With Halo Cleaner, your Android device will run faster, smoother and safer, store more data, free up memory by cleaning junk, and save phone battery. Halo Cleaner is a powerful and smart phone optimizer for android.

Cleaner top features:
✔ More storage space - Remove junk files, uninstall apps, and delete similar or duplicate photos, videos, files
✔ Antivirus & Security - Scan apps and files for malicious viruses, malware, trojan and spyware
✔ Improve phone performance - Use Cleaner to clear cache, remove junk, and identify apps that are slowing down your device (RAM Cleaner & memory booster)
✔ Longer battery life - Cleaner's battery saving feature helps improve your phone's battery life
✔ Hibernate apps - Suspend background apps to prolong battery life and save mobile data
✔ File manager - Smart File Manager & Storage Cleaner can analyze pictures, files, and apps to help you maximize your Android device's performance
✔ Junk Cleaner - Clean out any useless junk from your device e.g. cache and app data

With Halo Cleaner, you will enjoy a longer battery life, avoid a lagging Android device, get rid of junk files, and automatically find duplicate or large files.
Halo Cleaner – Memory (RAM) Booster and Junk Cleaner is a smart analysis application and clean up tool that gives you more storage space, better performance, and longer battery life

The booster, memory cleaner (RAM Cleaner), cache cleaner, battery saver, storage clean up, antivirus & security, and app removal features are described below:

Main Features:
Advanced apps cleaner & app manager:
► App analyzer: Halo Cleaner can identify apps that consume your battery, drain mobile data, or take up too much storage space, allowing you to clean them out more easily
► App remover: Easily remove apps that slow down your device
► RAM cleaner: Clean RAM and boost performance of your phone in a few taps
► Cache cleaner: Master your app cache, temporary files and leftover data
► Easily analyze apps based on storage, ram, battery, data consumption or usage
Photo Cleaner:
► Fast and easy photo gallery optimization
► Find similar photos and identify the best one
► Easily clean your photo library
Battery Saver & Optimizer:
► App hibernation: Master hibernating apps to prolong battery life and keep your device running faster for longer
► Battery Profiles & Optimization: battery temperature, battery capacity
Professional Antivirus & Security:
► Powered by world leading virus database, offers the most professional antivirus service for your mobile phone
► 100% prevent your Android device from any threat, malware, trojan or spyware
► Help you to scan and clean mobile viruses and also protect your private files by making your phone safer
Smart cleaner and manager:
► List and sort miscellaneous junk files
► large files, duplicate files, download files, and document files
Large files cleanup & duplicate files cleanup:
► Find large files occupying huge storage space
► Find duplicate files for you to clean up.
Video compressor:
► Compress your videos to a small size with HD.
► Alternative compression ratios.

Clean your phone to free up storage space, help it run smoother and faster, and boost its speed and performance. Clean up junk, clear cache, boost memory, delete similar or duplicate photos to make more storage space available for the apps, photos, and other stuff you want.

Please download the Halo Cleaner and give us 5 stars if you are into it.

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Efficient, would use de-frag regularly, (you have a CPU cooler?)
Francis Gitzen
I like Halo Cleaner for amazing jobs always does for to clean all the dangerous files out of my device and makes my device more secure and lighter and faster
Eftikhar Ahmed
One off the best thanks
Carmen Rosario
Great Service!!!
Perry Pilkington
Look Mil love my this but I needs help to stop my phone run hot I just want all s needs only ok tyvm
Millie Beasley