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About CalenTile - Calendar Quick Settings Tile

It lets you easily check your next calendar event without the need to open the calendar app or having a full widget in your homescreen!

It reads your calendar to know the name, date and time* of your next event and shows you that info in a very organized fashion in your quick settings panel.
*showing the time requires Android 10 or higher and might not work on some vendor's Android versions.

⠀How to use:
⠀1. Edit your quick settings panel and drag the Next Events CalenTile onto it
⠀1.5. If you're running MIUI long press the CalenTile to go to the app's settings, navigate to Other Permissions and give it permission to Diplay Pop-Up Windows While Running In The Background
⠀2. Tap CalenTile and when it asks give it permission to read your calendar
⠀3. Let CalenTile do it's thing

Due to the nature of Android's Tile Service launching CalenTile's Calendar Panel can sometimes take a second. To help with this you can disable battery optimizations for CalenTile. This can vary between manufacturers so please refer to

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If you have any problems with the app or would like to make a suggestion please contact me.

Screenshots made using Toastcode's Screener app.

Focused on the next appointment with a blink of an eye. Initially the tile was not visible in Android 11, but after reporting the issue to the developer it was corrected in a update.
Ad de Haas
Simple idea, clean execution. Even better after the recent update where the app follows time format set on the device (12 hour vs. 24 hour).
Vamsee Nunna
Really great tool app when wanting to take a look at my next schedule especially when my phone is on the lockscreen and avoid unlocking/opening the calendar app. Dev was also very kind in responding to my co...
Sleepy Eyes