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About GuruFocus

The powerful GuruFocus app brings you the latest value investing news, expert commentary and analysis from around the world. GuruFocus provides recent updates and timeless knowledge from the greatest investors to help you be more secure in how you manage your money. And it’s all delivered through a clean, simple interface so you can find the information you need to make smart investing decisions, anytime, anywhere.

Is a stock you’re interested in overpriced? What is it really worth? What is Warren Buffett’s latest stock purchase? How is your portfolio doing? What do the greatest minds in finance, such as Ben Graham, Howard Marks or David Tepper, have to say? Answers to all of these questions and many more are only a few clicks away with the GuruFocus app for Android.

Key Features:

- Real-time investing guru and insider data
- DCF calculator at your fingertips (Developing in progress)
- Easy access to your portfolio at any time
- Real-time value investing news

This application provides some of the same functions from the widely lauded website in a mobile-friendly format, including: news, insider trades, guru trades, stock research, build-your-own portfolios and a DCF calculator.

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If you are experiencing issues or have suggestions to improve the app, please contact [email protected]

The best app I have to research quick stocks and see who else of bought them.
John Smith
By far the best app out there that offers a discounted cash flow model for valuing stocks! Really good tools and easy to understand and use! Keep up the good work guys!
Daniel Longe
Excellent for charts and long term investors
Richard Jaques