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About Guns mod - weapon case for mcpe

Disclaimer: this app is not an official Minecraft product, not approved by or associated with Mojang!

The Weapon Case for mcpe adds 24 new swords to the game. There is no way to the new guns mod for minecraft but sometimes a weapon case item is dropped when killing mobs and you can use this item to retrieve new elemental swords. It’s really cool to install weapon case mod for mcpe if you’re looking for a way to experience a whole bunch of new weapons and guns for minecraft.

There are two different ways to obtain the guns mod:
1) If you want to do it in survival mode then you have to kill mobs until one of them drops a guns mod for mcpe item. Hold the item in your and press the loot button to start the roulette game. Use the item again to choose a randomized weapon.
2) The other option is to obtain the swords in the creative mode. Use the Search tab to look for sword mod and you will find all of the new swords listed there.

Laser guns mod for minecraft replace some of the currently existing items with futuristic inspired features. The Bow has been replaced by a Laser weapon mod which is more powerful than an ordinary bow. Some of the mobs have also been replaced by mechanical robots with slightly better powers than the mobs which they replaced.

Some of the weapon for mcpe have special powers. You can activate this power by pressing or holding the button in the bottom right corner as seen in the image down below.

There are of course a wide range of different swords (24 in total) and three of them have special powers. The rest of them have just altered attack damages. and all of them have different powers and attack damage.

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Awesome Mod
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