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About Gulabloan

Product Information:
1. Loans range: ₹1,000 to ₹5,000;
2. Interest Rate: 0.07% per day
3. The highest annual interest rate (APR) is 30.88% per year;
4. Competitive service fees start from 0.56%, for one-time charge, which depends on the loan amount and the application details;
5. Tenure from 92 - 120 days.


If loan amount is ₹10,000 with a tenure of 120 days with an interest of 0.07% days, then the total repayment for 4 months is ₹10,840 = ₹10,000 (principal amount) + ₹840 (interest fee). And the interest fee formula is ₹10,000x0.07%x120= ₹840. For these 4 months, the average payment per month is ₹2,710 = ₹10,840/4.

Gulabloan is a technology-based loan service that brings Concise, Friendly and Trusted. We prioritize customer satisfaction with the Concise, Friendly and Trusted service as a motto in providing services to consumers in India.

Gulabloan - Easy, Flexible, Various
Why choose Gulabloan?
1. Easy Lending: Only need online operation, 4 steps, measure credit anytime.
2. Approval Anytime: 7*24 hour approval.
3. Convenient repayment: Support multi-channel repayment, support early repayment and apply the extension loan.
SUMMARY: Easy application and easy lending.

With only 4 steps, you can easily get money:
1. Login for registration
2. Submit information
3. Information audit
4. Disbursement of funds
Immediately download Gulabloan, submit a loan with us.

Loan Conditions:
Borrower must be an Indian citizen over 18 years old with ID and proof of income.

Contact us
Mail: [email protected]
ORION HOUSE , W-124, MIDC, Phase II, Dombivli East, Dombivli, Maharashtra 421204

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