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About Petsapp

Chat to your vet
Fluffy not quite right? Spot looking off colour? Dr. Google got you scared witless? Get personalised pet care advice from the veterinary team you know and trust.

Video consultations
Face-to-face consultation with your vet without leaving home. Stress-free for you and your pet. Best part is, no vomiting in the car for Spot, no cat carrier for Fluffy.

Book appointments
Need to go in? In clinic appointments just got easier too. We get it, nobody could love Fluffy and Spot more, but life gets busy. Book at a time convenient for you.

Petsapp can help you:
- Speak to your vet to get answers on your pets health.
- Determine when your pet does need to go in, and how urgently
- Better understand your pet and their needs
- Get advice on longer standing conditions whenever you need them

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Petsapp?

Petsapp is a platform that allows you to chat with your vet and get personalized pet care advice from a veterinary team you trust.

How does Petsapp work?

Petsapp allows you to have video consultations with your vet without leaving your home. It also allows you to conveniently book in-clinic appointments when necessary.

What are the benefits of using Petsapp?

Using Petsapp, you can get answers about your pet's health, determine when your pet needs to visit the vet, better understand your pet's needs, and get advice on longer-standing conditions whenever you need it.

Can I book appointments through Petsapp?

Yes, Petsapp allows you to easily book in-clinic appointments at a time convenient for you.

Is it possible to have face-to-face consultations with my vet through Petsapp?

Yes, Petsapp enables you to have video consultations with your vet, providing a stress-free experience for both you and your pet.
Very easy to use. Interaction with the veterinary practise felt personal and the response was very fast. A great service and would recommend.
Nicola Monaghan
Excellent layout and very easy to use.
David Henderson
So easy to use for routine queries or re-ordering medications. Vet/nurse can access your query when they are free & can arrange meds, appointments & online payments.
Kellie Payne
Couldn't have asked for anything better
Laura Jenkins
Fantastic service, from kind, compassionate and efficient vets/ and nurses
Craig Shaw
Brilliant app
Saoirse O' Dwyer