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About Kaudi

Kaudi is a classic board game played between friends, family & kids Recall your Childhood!

Kaudi game also support offline mode, where player can play with Local Multiplayer, Computer and Online mode are coming soon.

Diffrent names for the Kaudi :

1:Chauka Bara - Kannada - Mysuru region
2:Katte Mane - Kannada - Rural Mysuru
3:Astha Chamma -Telgu - Andhra Pradesh /Telangana
4:Atthu - Hindi - Madhya Pradesh
5:Changa Pau - Hindi -Uttar Pradesh
6:Kavidi Kali - Malayalam - Kerala
7:Changa Po - Rajasthan
8:Cheeta - Madhya Pradesh

Game features:
1:Online Game is an Upcoming features.
2:You can play with your local 2,3,4 player with offline mode.
3:You can see how to play with question sign.

Like Ludo game Player must move all his four token to destination zone which is located at the center of the grid before other players do.

Game Rules:
1:- When game starts all token are blocked at home zone.
2:- Your token open with 8 ,4 , 1 points if this is it's intial position.
3:- The Player who gets all 4 of his/her tokens safely around the board and up the protected path into the home square wins.
4:- The reward for kill and opponent's token is a extra turn to roll cowry.
5:- All players tokens are follow path based on selected color.
6:- It is necessary to kill atleast one opponent token to start entering to the inner circle.
7:- If two or more tokens of any players are in at same position they can not be killed by anytoken.

This is a fantastic app. When I use this app I really enjoyed to play this you really need to download once and try this app and enjoy with your friends.
Aditya Yadav
Very good Very good Very good Very good
Shreyash Jaiswal