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About Rocket Cleaner - System Optimizer

Don’t you tired of the fact that your phone is too slow? There isn’t constantly enough memory to take pictures and you have to manually delete the photos? And after a long cleaning process, you don’t want to take pictures already? Then we offer you a simple application that will clean your phone quickly, without damage and, most importantly, without your participation.

What does System Optimizer do?
- cleans the cache. Which, in turn, contributes to the fast download of files and sites.
- stops applications that you don’t use, but they continue to overload the phone battery.
-deletes unsuccessful duplicate photos.
-optimizes processor performance.
- save battery. This is especially convenient when you don’t have an opportunity to charge the phone.
- blocks unnecessary push notifications.
-cleans unnecessary applications. After all, half of the installed applications aren’t used at all.
- finds large files on your phone and deletes unnecessary ones.

Junk file cleaner or why the Rocket Cleaner-System Optimizer application is so necessary:

✔️ Battery saving.
Few people know, but open applications and push notifications, even in the background, drain the battery. And if you don’t have time to think about how to stop it, you only need to click one button and the application will do it for you.
As a bonus, you can enable power saving mode and extend battery life.

✔️Optimization of system processes.
Do you often find that the phone is very dumb? And in order to do the work, which takes 5 minutes, you need to spend half an hour. If your answer is yes? Then with this application you need to press only 1 button and the application will correct the phone. It is very fast and convenient!

✔️Cleaning a photo.
Who of the beautiful ladies didn’t get into a situation where you need to clean a photo on your phone and free up memory to make a new one, but nostalgia and memories flash on you? Great news, you don’t have to do it manually anymore and spend half your life on this process. Phone cleaner itself will find all the failed photos and offer options for deletion.

✔️ Clean up apps.
Somebody say cleaning the phone is equivalent to cleaning the apartment from trash. But rarely anyone want to do these. And sometimes for folding the processor, it really needs help. And the application will tell you which programs you definitely don’t need on your smartphone.

Install the Rocket Cleaner-System Optimizer application on your mobile and finally forget what is an eternally slow phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does the System Optimizer do?

The System Optimizer cleans the cache, stops unused applications from overloading the phone battery, deletes duplicate photos, optimizes processor performance, saves battery, blocks unnecessary push notifications, cleans unnecessary applications, and finds and deletes large files on your phone.

Why is the Rocket Cleaner-System Optimizer application necessary?

The Rocket Cleaner-System Optimizer application is necessary because it saves battery, optimizes system processes, cleans up photos, and cleans up unnecessary apps, making your phone faster and freeing up memory.
Wow,,, this is really nice cleaner app. It is make to freshness in my phone. I am using to easy for this app its take my mobile to cleanup in my mobile. This app is work to fast in my mobile.
It's cool
Samantha Willy
Very useful application and very easy to use it. I installed it for my phone. I was searching like this nice app. really very faster,There are many new features such as deleting duplicate photos Thanks for s...
Shishir Khan
Richard Stewart
Nice app. Very helpful.
Suppercell Games
Tarun Singh