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About Celine Dion All Songs

✨The best songs of Celine Dion from your favorite artists. In this application you can find all the best artist lyrics. This application is free Fun and easily accessible.

🎢Celine Dion's Best Music and Lyrics🎢
πŸ“Œ My heart will leave
πŸ“Œ Power of love
πŸ“Œ Because you love me
πŸ“Œ Alone
πŸ“Œ I live
πŸ“Œ Everything comes back to me
πŸ“Œ A new day has come
πŸ“Œ and much more

I realy love the songs...
Tjihozu Tjirongo
Lol its really great with the song if is that what it takes wowwww i am so cool i feel new after hearing this song
Lethabo Pearl
Olivia Taengwa