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About GO-Global

The GO-Global App is a powerful, yet easy-to-use remote application delivery app that provides excellent Windows application performance and an increased level of usability on Android touch-screen devices.
GO-Global customers can download the free GO-Global App to connect to GO-Global hosts and run Windows applications remotely from their Android tablets and phones. Applications appear on Android devices as though they were running locally, retaining all features and functions.
If you are not an existing GO-Global customer with access to a host, you can still evaluate this versatile app. Download it on your Android device and connect to GraphOn’s free demo server to access several popular Windows applications. No sign-up or registration is required.
The GO-Global App maintains a high degree of usability by automatically touch-enabling Windows applications. Multi-touch gestures allow users to interact naturally with applications running on the host, even though the device lacks a mouse and keyboard. The device’s onscreen keyboard will open automatically whenever an application can receive text input. The Auto-Zoom feature detects the section of the screen currently active in the application, and automatically zooms-in on that area, making it easier to tap user interface elements.
GO-Global uses GraphOn’s patented, high-performance RapidX Protocol, providing fast and seamless access anywhere, even over low-bandwidth connections. It provides SSL security (up to 256-bit AES) and IPv6 support. And it eliminates the need for Citrix or Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

For more information, please visit GraphOn’s website at

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