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About SurveyCam - GPS camera: notes, timestamp, location

SurveyCam - GPS Camera is the ideal camera app for work. It has been developed particularly for professionals like civil engineers, land surveyors, construction professionals and others. The app allows to take photos on site and simultaneously add information both to the file name and to the photo with use of a watermark.

SurveyCam - GPS Camera makes capturing pictures and taking notes more efficiently, combining both processes in one single app.

There is no need to take notes on a piece of paper while taking pictures. SurveyCam will add your inserted notes automatically both to the picture and to the file name. This will give you more time to concentrate on your work, while SurveyCam will take care of saving your notes and pictures combined in a lossless format onto your phone.

SurveyCam works, so you can work!

With SurveyCam - GPS Camera, you can add a project name, company name, notes and more information, for example a reference no. or chainage directly in the app while taking pictures.
Additional relevant data for professionals, e.g. GPS coordinates/ photo location (latitude and longitude and multiple other coordinate formats), GPS accuracy, altitude, address, date and time (timestamp) will be added by SurveyCam.

Information that can be added:
- Project name
- Taken notes
- GPS coordinates / photo location (latitude and longitude & more)
- GPS accuracy (in m or ft)
- Altitude (in m or ft)
- Date & time (timestamp)
- Address
- Customized company logo
- Reference No. / Chainage

SurveyCam - GPS Camera supports the following coordinate/grid systems:
- WGS84 (latitude and longitude)
- British National Grid (OS National Grid)
- Irish Grid
- Swiss Grid CH1903+ / LV95

SurveyCam - GPS Camera is the ideal work camera app for land surveyors when carrying out surveys and doing land surveying.

It is the perfect work camera app for civil engineers, construction managers and other construction and civil engineering professionals when working on site. Civil engineers working in road engineering and highway design will be able to add chainages to their photo information.

Geologists will be able to use SurveyCam as their work camera app when doing field surveying and to document their findings.

Real estate agent and other real estate professionals will be able to use SurveyCam as their work camera app for real estate and housing documentation.

Any other professional will be able to take advantage of SurveyCam - GPS camera as their new work camera app to take pictures and notes more efficiently while saving time. SurveyCam is the ideal camera for work!

The GPS photo location accuracy varies depending on the device, location, surrounding environment and internet connection. SurveyCam - Survey Camera has no influence on the accuracy of the GPS data (e.g. latitude and longitude).

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This is a really lovely and creative work done by the app developer
It is very helpful to print date and time and also location as well. Great work.
Herys Austrex
Very very usable app and I love it more than other GPS apps. Thank you, Honourable developer.
Foysal Ahmed Tecnologist
Works very well. No complaints.
Rock Kurek
Great update.... Thank you Michael.... 5 star for this update
Honny Ano