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About Compass Pro & Qibla Direction 2021

This Multipurpose compass empower you to take the right course no matter where you are. Yes! Finding Direction is now much easy having your own my compass coordinates locator help to make way through many exciting adventures. Now the only thing you need is your mobile phone.
User enjoy true north compass app longitude latitude and magnetic field show current field. You can also use flash while using compass no matter its dark environment. My compass gives you screen on feature to give you more exciting experience even user can keep screen on while using GPS coordinates app camera compass. True north compass app longitude latitude allows you to use navigation and your mobile phone same time by providing user with add on feature of compass widget.
This smart compass for android phone come with multiple cool themes that give user more control over this GPS map camera compass location app.
What user need to-do is only select color and boom whole GPS navigation compass app color scheme changed.
This magnetic compass sensor app also has option to find qibla direction finder compass very friendly app and easy to use.
What required to use this magnetic compass sensor app is the sensor name “magnetometer “without this sensor compass does not perform its functionality.
Notification indicator is present in app where Notification sensor shows whether you can use this smart compass for android phone or not you can see whether your device have” magnetometer” to use this my compass coordinates locator app or not. Here user also have option to check other sensors present in current device.
GPS camera compass allow user to check north east west south by simply clicking on camera compass icon and here you can even take snap shot also share with other where GPS map camera compass location is! On camera compass feature allow user to show real directions and coordinates.
In true north compass app longitude latitude option of true north and magnetic north allow user to select which compass they want to use.
In compass, there is option of current location where compass location allow user to get information not only about current location but also true north compass app longitude latitude, speed and true North declination.
my compass coordinates locator also has option of on map compass which allow user to use GPS navigation compass in more effectively.
Beautiful and eye catchy themes are also here in app which gives user more control over this free accurate compass.
This smart compass for android phone comes with beautiful and multiple Compass design which allow user to choose compass of own choice.
This GPS coordinates app camera compass also come with qibla direction finder compass. Which allows to find Qibla direction compass free offline.This.Qibla finder come with compass, arrow and on map Qibla finder different features like tasbeeh calculator ,Hijri calendar ,Allah name and nearby mosque option allow user to find mosque and offer prayer timely within mosque.
Along my compass coordinates locator here user also have option to check weather update like current updates and upcoming forecast weather.
This free accurate compass is whole package where user can not only use compass but also use as qibla direction finder compass.
Just like finding khana kaba direction offline this app also has some famous places direction where you can check direction of desired location from your current location.
Another ad on feature in this app is Balancing Tool (bubble level). Finding balance of any object is now easy. Can use for finding horizontal and vertical very handy and accurate tool where can use this tool Construction carpentry photography.