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About Believers Hymn Book

A simple and easy to use mobile version of the Believers Hymn Book hymnal (Copyright John Ritchie Limited).
Includes tunes for each hymn, lyrics search, and number entry taking you straight to the hymn you are looking for.

ONLINE and other versions:

BUG REPORTS: Please email [email protected] to resolve.
I cannot fix them if I do not know they exist!

- 465 hymns
- approximately 600 audio tunes (low quality version available without an Internet connection)
- Lyrics search (case and punctuation insensitive, search terms highlighted)
- Search by meter
- Mark favorites
- Zoom functionality
- Night mode display option
- Easy number entry
- Alphabetical index of first lines
- Listing by number
- Show hymns by category
- Browse all hymns
- No ads
- Installs to SD
- Bookmark songs
- History of viewed songs (for that session)
- Song starter notes and additional tune options
- Hymn authors and author search
- Add custom notes to each hymn
- Meter quick-list to get a tune in an emergency
- Believers Hymn Book Companion (by Harold S. Paisley) gives information about the hymn writers

INSTRUCTIONS are now found within the app (? button)

There have been some questions regarding additional permissions requested by the app. These are due to upgrades in the plugins that the app uses which are capable of functions that the app does not perform, but are necessary for the functionality of the app. This app does not access your personal information.

It's a good app.
Benjamin Jumoke
It is totally excellent!
Leona Duncan
I really like this app. It has a some of songs that we sing in church. But there several that are not in the app. Hope you have an update for it.
R Govan