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About Aircraft Status

Aircraft Status Goal is to remind and refresh qualified Engineers of the different aircraft systems in a short & summarized way, organized reference to ATA Chapters, starting with A320 & A330 and soon it will include B737 & B777 with all their respective engines.
Also include step by step guidance of warnings and messages reset, in addition to Quick CB Locations.

This is for training purpose only and should never be used to replace Airbus or Boeing documentation and procedures, Applicable Airbus and Boeing Manuals should be always referred to.

The software is not sponsored by or connected with any Airline Manufacturer, and their proper documentation should only be used on their aircraft.

All instructions given in those documents that relate to the resetting of systems Should be used on ground only. No reset should be initiated without a thorough knowledge of the exact failure.

Some CB Locations may differ between different types/effectivity and optional systems.

You can Find:
Short Summary of all ATA Chapters at: Tips to Remember.
Circuit Breakers Locations at: CB Location.
Step by step guidance of warnings and messages reset at: Reset Procedures.

Great app! Works great, easy to use and full of very useful information.
Fabiano Penazzo
Very useful
Subhash Chandra
Great help
Sean Brady