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About Fingerprint Locker Simulator

Fingerprint locker simulator is free and latest application for smartphone.
You can unlock your smartphone by scanning your finger on fingerprint scanner.
Fingerprint Lock Screen is just for fun and entertainment.
This Fingerprint locker does not scan your finger in real.
This Fingerprint Lock Screen unlocks using a simple trick.
The lock is just for funny moments with friends to tell them that it is real fingerprint lock.

- Tricks To Unlock This Fingerprint lock:
- Place your any finger or thumb on the app scanner panel.
- The scanner starts scanning your finger by a bar movement animation.
- After few seconds Fingerprint locker unlock your lock screen.

- Features of fingerprint scanner:
- Realistic and attractive fingerprint scanning animation.
- Attractive and beautiful wallpapers for Customization.
- Can be set as a lock screen.
- Screen lock Display digital date and time.
- Newest and beautiful wallpapers for galaxy, samsung, Sony Xperia.
- Cool scanner sound effects.
- For Fingerprint screen lock no WiFi is required it is offline app.
- Fingerprint screen lock is free for all users.
- No pin or password is required to unlock the lock screen.
- User friendly screen lock.
- Enable or disable lock from setting.

- Note Before Using This Fingerprint Lock:
- This fingerprint lock screen is not real. It is prank app.
This simulator is developed for fun.It does not scan and no fingerprint
are taken.

Download and install Fingerprint locker simulator for free.
Give your feedback and suggestions for this screen lock to golocker mobile apps... Thanks

This app is horibllu
Saddam Hazary
SSS lock Kaise Rakh lock Kaisek
Solanki Lalit
this app is great
action movies
Fingerprint is so nice.
Supriya Mishra
Yeboah Prince