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About Koros - dance classes at home

Now – a 7 day free trial, where you can take select Prerecorded classes and tips of the day and even take one live and interactive class.

Take your dancing to the next level at home or on the go with our groundbreaking live and interactive classes and prerecorded classes and demonstrations. Take as many live and interactive classes as you like or choose from our many prerecorded classes all taught by the World Champions, take the class anywhere, anytime. If you just need a little quick inspiration try our tips of the day from Riccardo and Yulia. Our instructors are all champions and World class guaranteed to change your dancing forever.

Never miss a day of dance ever again. You can literally take a class with the world champions everyday from now on. Live classes include: "Riccardo and Yulia technique” and "Riccardo and Yulia how to compete”, "Donnie and Heidi technique”. Over 30 World Champion titles between these four. Also, Koros Fit, Koros Style, Koros Talk and more. Tips of the day plus prerecorded classes where the World Champions, first demonstrate then breakdown and analyze their own dancing just for you to watch whenever you want. Laptop, tablet or phone, all your devices, all the time. Now you can take lessons from the World Champions anywhere. Koros makes the world your dances studio.

HOW TO JOIN AND ACCESS THE KOROS APP NEW TO Koros? Download the app and get started with a 7 day free trial and take sample prerecorded classes, tips of the day, even take one live and interactive class with the World Champions, then subscribe and have full access for $49.99 per month. Or skip the free trial and subscribe immediately to have instant full access to everything Koros app has to offer for just $49.99 per month.

Koros is the only ballroom dance live instructional app owned and operated by 10 times World Professional Champions, It will change the lives of every dancer who commits to this new way of learning.


Tap into classes streamed from Koros’ New Jersey and California studios, including these types:

Live and interactive technique classes
Live and interactive Competition classes
Live and interactive costume construction classes
Live dance fitness classes
Live question and answer session with World Champions
Live and interactive dance talk shows
On demand dance demonstrations from World Champions
On demand slow motion demonstrations by the World Champions
On demand analysis and explanation of their own dancing by the World Champions
Daily tips from the World Champions
Bookmark your favorite classes for easy access
Notifications let you know when a live class is happening

CHALLENGES: Complete each 8 week live course and put into action what you have learned and email us to let us know the improvements in your dancing and results. Complete any course for a full year and get a limited edition Koros t-shirt that can only be earned, not bought.

WORLD CLASS INSTRUCTORS: Our instructors’ resumes are second to non. You will learn the knowledge that helped them win over a combined 30 World Titles. They don’t hold anything back.

BENEFITS: Never before has anyone been able to have such unlimited access to the greatest minds in our dance world. Your dancing will improve, your knowledge of dance will improve, you will have answers to your questions and your competition experience will be changes forever.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Koros?

Koros is a dance instruction app owned and operated by 10 times World Professional Champions. It offers live and interactive dance classes, prerecorded classes, tips of the day, and more.

How can I access the Koros app?

To access the Koros app, you can download it and start with a 7 day free trial. You can take sample prerecorded classes, tips of the day, and even one live and interactive class during the trial. After the trial, you can subscribe for $49.99 per month for full access.

What types of classes are available on Koros?

Koros offers a variety of classes, including live and interactive technique classes, competition classes, costume construction classes, dance fitness classes, dance talk shows, and more. There are also on-demand demonstrations, slow-motion demonstrations, and analysis by the World Champions.

How can I improve my dancing with Koros?

By taking classes on Koros and completing the 8-week live courses, you can put into action what you have learned and see improvements in your dancing. If you complete any course for a full year, you can earn a limited edition Koros t-shirt.

Who are the instructors on Koros?

The instructors on Koros are World Champions with impressive resumes. They have won over a combined 30 World Titles and will share their knowledge and expertise to help improve your dancing.

What are the benefits of using Koros?

Using Koros allows unlimited access to the greatest minds in the dance world. Your dancing will improve, your knowledge of dance will increase, and you'll have answers to your questions. Your competition experience will also be changed forever.
Ricardo Samuels
The App developer is very lucky to give access to a knowledge base of highly educated dance professionals that are explaining what you need to start learning as is also a style or dance that is scientificall...
Mr Clive Adrian Uter
A huge bravo to all the people that worked really hard to create this platform! Just a few days of using it and you can see the effort that was put into organizing the platform and to create the prerecorded ...
Love this app. So much great content and live, interactive classes. Huge variety of dance styles and fitness. Riccardo, Yulia, Donnie and Heidi are fantastic teachers, the best. Very inspiring for not only c...
Inga Haas
" Incredible! R&Y share with you all their tricks, tips, knowledge, and techniques. They work with you with absolute passion for their art. Amazing to discover how the wonderful art of all those dances come ...
Sofi B.