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About H. pylori Care

The Irish Helicobacter pylori working Group (IHpWG) was established earlier last year to assess, revise and tailor current available recommendations for the treatment of Helicobacter pylori a human pathogen found in up to 25-30% of Irish adults. H. pylori infection can cause stomach ulcers and gastric cancer and when found should be eradicated. Unfortunately the success of standard treatments is falling as a result of worsening rates of H. pylori antibiotic resistance. The Irish Helicobacter pylori Working Group was specifically founded to overcome this problem and to promote best clinical practice in the management of H pylori in general. As part of this process the Group developed a consensus clinical guideline which was published earlier this year ( Following this, the group is about to launch an app called H. pylori Care. The app is designed to enhance access to the clinical guidelines and provide information on the new guidelines released by IHpWG to both clinicians and patients.
For clinicians, it will provide clear and precise information on how to diagnose and treat the infection, along with contact information for referral centres around Ireland. The regimens for first line, second line and rescue therapies are clearly outlined, displaying dosage and duration of therapy. For patients, it will provide information on symptoms of infection and any treatment that may be prescribed. In the future, there is potential for the app to act as a reminder tool for patients to take their medication. It is hoped that this app will provide clinicians with the necessary information needed to treat this infection effectively and in turn will improve the falling eradication rates of H. pylori infection in Ireland.

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