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About OctoDroid for GitHub

Access to GitHub and stay connected to your networks. Follow git repository and top users in GitHub. View all users' activities, source codes and manage your issues with OctoDroid.


* OAuth2 web application flow.
* Support Two factor authentication.

* Notification support
* Multi account support
* Printing support on codes, commits etc
* Search repository, user or code.

Github repository
* List repositories
* watch/unwatch github repository
* View git branches and tags
* View pull requests
* View collaborators/contributors
* View watchers/networks
* View issues

* View basic informations
* Activity feeds
* Follow/unfollow user
* View public/watched repositories
* View followers/following
* View organizations (if type is user)
* View members (if type is organization)

* List issues
* Filter by label, assignee or milestone
* Create/edit/close/reopen issue
* Comment on issue
* Manage labels
* Manage milestones

Git Commit
* View git commit
* Diff viewer with colorized HTML
* View commit history on each file

Tree/File browser
* Browse source codes
* File viewer with code syntax highlighted

* List gists
* View gist content

Explore Github
* Public timeline
* Trending repos (today, week, month)
* GitHub blog

Share function on:
* user
* repo
* commit
* diff
* file
* issue

Github download source code.

..and many more

Full credit to maniac103 ( for the major improvements, bug fixing and testing.

OctoDroid branding by Steven Mautone:

** NOTE **
Please report any issues at Github or email me the issues.

Formerly known as Gh4a Android Github.

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I like how Clean and simple this app looks. It has a activity tab that lets me see which repos have recently been updated and itd even OPEN SOURCE!! I highly recommend this app.
fine ! but if ...
Abdullah Al Mamun
Just phenomenal! There have been some recent performance improvements that put this app into a class of its own. I use this and GitHub's official app, and feel this one is better by far. In particular I like...
Milo Persic