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About Straightaway Route Planner

*The #1 Route Planner App for Delivery Drivers*

Save yourself an hour on every route you drive, guaranteed, with Straightaway’s advanced driving route planner. Scan a list of addresses in seconds using your phone’s camera, then instantly calculate the fastest driving route, complete with turn-by-turn directions.

What makes Straightaway Route Planner App the best option hands-down for delivery drivers? Check out a few of Straightaway’s best features.

* RapidScan Technology: Don’t waste time entering hundreds of addresses manually into your driving route planner. Straightaway uses cutting-edge optical character recognition (OCR) technology to let you scan up to 500 addresses in seconds with your smartphone’s built-in camera—and it’s over 99% accurate.
* Advanced Optimization: We spent 5 years developing the deep learning optimization algorithm for this route planner app, which analyzes 14 different sources of data to determine the best route for you, including traffic patterns, weather, elevation, road conditions, construction, accident reports, and more.
* Daily Map Updates: Avoid pesky delays from closed streets, dead ends, and wrong turns. Our maps are updated every night by a team of analysts and experts to account for the latest construction, closures, and road changes. This makes Straightaway the most accurate driving route planner on the planet.
*Faster Route Analysis: You shouldn’t have to sit around for three minutes waiting while your route planner app is “calculating your route.” Straightaway is powered by an advanced supercomputer capable of performing over 4 million operations per second. We can optimize any route in less than 5 seconds.
*Make More Stops: Other driving route planners on the market can only analyze up to 50 or 100 stops per route. That doesn’t do you much good when you need to make 135 deliveries! We specifically designed Straightaway to accept as many as 500 stops in a single trip without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

*How It Works*
Straightaway’s driving route planner is shockingly simple to use. This app will analyze your route and have you on the road in a matter of seconds.

1. Scan Addresses: Use your phone’s camera to capture up to 500 addresses.
2. Finalize Your List: Review the list and add, remove, or edit any of the entries.
3. Optimize Route: Tap the “optimize” button to calculate your best route.
4. Start Your Trip: Follow the simple on-screen turn-by-turn directions.

*Meet Lance*
We built this route planner app for my cousin, Lance, a long-time FedEx delivery driver in Portland. It now saves him over an hour per day.

“I know my route very well, so I didn’t think I would benefit from a driving route planner, to be honest. But my cousin Zach is a tech guy and he thought he could save me some time. I’ll never forget the first day I tried out his new route planner app. I finished my route two hours faster than usual and I went home to play with my daughter. It was the greatest feeling. Now I use Straightaway every day. Over the last six months I’ve saved over 140 hours of driving. Wow.”

-Lance W. (Portland, OR)

*A Free Driving Route Planner*
We decided to keep the Straightaway Route Planning App free forever. If you want to unlock even more features, you can upgrade to Pro!

Free Version:
* Up to 25 addresses per route
* 10 hours of turn-by-turn directions
* Scan up to 25 addresses from images

Pro Version:
* Up to 500 addresses per route
* Unlimited turn-by-turn directions
* Unlimited image scanning
* Only $9.99 per month
* 7 day free trial

Straightaway’s driving route planner is available on both iPhones and Androids. Download it for free and start saving time, gas, and money today.

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I use this to deliver groceries to seniors during the pandemic and it allows me to be efficient.
Jillian Cooper
Not working. Stoped taking picture after update. Update: Thank you Straightaway for responding and fixing the issue right away. The app works great now. Just a suggestion if you could make it that we could c...
JeanPierre Younit