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About Carefull: Catch Money Mistakes

Memory issues can cause financial issues. Carefull helps you organize and monitor your loved one's spending, bills, payments and due dates, making sure nothing is missed and that the right people are being paid. Get alerts about issues that may be problems, then communicate, resolve them and plan.


● Securely connect your loved one’s financial accounts to enable smart monitoring and start receiving alerts to your phone and email inbox.

● Carefull analyzes each transaction and money movement, and alerts you to things that look fishy or like potential fraud. That could mean: stores with large amounts of spending, unusual cash payments or transfers, or transactions involving new people or places that look different or suspicious.

● See your loved one’s bill schedule all in one place — what has recently been paid and what’s coming up. If it looks like anything is running late or has accidentally been paid twice, we’ll let you know.

● You have the option to invite your loved one or other family members into the app if they ordinarily participate in conversations about financial matters. Then, when an issue arises, you can share and collaborate within the app, and your “Circle” is there to help resolve it.

● Read guides and advice from our team of financial caregiving experts to receive suggestions about topics like how to protect your loved one from fraud, how to help them save money and how to ensure that you’re prepared for whatever happens as they age.


Security is top of mind, especially for caregivers. Carefull connects to financial accounts using bank-level security. Our systems are never able to see or store your credentials (usernames and passwords), and we maintain read-only access to analyze transactions and send alerts. We protect your data as if it were our own and use it only to provide our services. We will never sell it. Here’s how we protect financial information:

● Carefull will never have access to any of your loved one’s financial account login or password information. That information is all managed through our partnership with Plaid — a company that enables us to connect to your financial accounts. Plaid is used by most banks and personal finance management applications in the US—including Venmo, Chime and Betterment—to allow you to connect accounts from other financial institutions.

● Encryption: Carefull uses bank-level 256-bit encryption to store and transmit your data over the internet.

● Multi Factor Authentication: We verify your account with a unique code sent only to your mobile device.

Biometrics: You can optionally enable the biometric security on your device so that each session with the Carefull app can be secured with your face or fingerprints.

Read more about our security policy here:


Carefull is available free of charge for a limited time. Starting in March 2021, Carefull will be $9.99 per month after your 2 week free trial (with annual subscription) or $12.99 per month with a monthly subscription.

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