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About Florescence: My Bloom Garden

Florescence: My Bloom Garden is one of a new breed of plant merge games. Take charge of a flower shop with a blooming garden, combine different plants to set the stage for a full-on blossom blast, and become the world's best plant nanny! As soon as you arrive at your flower shop, you'll be treated to a world of flower games – and the shop desperately needs your help! Rare blooms rely on your care, but this isn't just plain old gardening. The plants' survival depends on you!
Here are some features that'll blow your mind like a blossom blast!

- A series of complex puzzles: by solving them, you'll help even the most temperamental of flowers bloom in your flower garden. Experience a mind-blowing blossom blast when all the pieces fit together!

- No "lives" whatsoever! Play as long as you want: not a feature you'll see in most other puzzle games!

- Become a professional plant nanny: play merge games with rare varieties of flowers. Create a unique blossom or two. Fertilize your garden and water your plants. This is what expert gardening's all about!

- Make growing plants a successful business: collect the best flowers, shower them with care and attention, and help them bloom! Then sell beautiful bouquets to grateful customers! Who knew gardening could be so profitable?

- You're a designer: make your family flower shop the best in town. Show the community that your friendly flower garden has so much to offer them! Teach them that life isn't just about survival and comfort, it's about beauty and elegance!

- Get to the bottom of your own saga: you're not just a kindhearted plant nanny trying to care for her flower garden. Your grandma has a dark secret, one she would never tell, and you can't let her get away with that! Recruit two cute twin brothers to help you!

All aboard!!! You're living an ordinary, boring life when suddenly your grandma calls you. She owns a flower shop with a blooming garden in a small town, but she can't care for the plants anymore. She's fallen in love! No more sleepless nights for your grandma, trying to play merge games with different seeds and breeds, because she's going on a journey. She and her new soulmate are off to travel the world! You're taken aback: your grandma loves gardening, and adores her little flower garden. Why would she do that, out of the blue?!

So, don your sunflower hat and start scribbling poetry about cherry blossom, because you're set to inherit the shop: it's your turn to care for the plants and help them grow and blossom. Grandma's counting on you, and you won't fail her. You start working in the shop and quickly realize you're in over your head. The garden needs a total overhaul, but there's a line of customers ready and willing to buy your plants. You learn that the shop's survival depends on you, and you alone! You're the one who's playing flower games now:

- Upgrade your shop with new furniture, aided by your loyal greenhouse employee. She'll be glad to help you however you see fit.

- Collect bouquets and grow plants to earn money to clear up the mess you inherited from your grandma. The shop looks like a tornado hit it, but this is a great opportunity to remodel it into something that's truly yours!

- Unlock new rooms with new features! Customize your shop to give it a unique feel. Turn an old building into a sprawling new mansion!

- Merge plant seeds to invent radically new and beautiful flowers! Make plant breeders jealous of your successful artificial selection project!

- Become the talk of the town, the Lord of the Plants! Let 'em shine, and achieve true florescence with your one-of-a-kind establishment!

- Learn why your grandma left so abruptly, passing her life's work on to you so unexpectedly.

Florescence: My Bloom Garden is a free game, though some in-app purchases using real money will be available for players.

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