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About Galaxy Runes

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Personal Evolution ~ Spiritual Connection ~ Practical Guidance ~ Everyday Magic

Galaxy Runes is an app for rune divination and learning.

Tune into your own wisdom everyday through contemplation of your Rune of the Day.

Reflect and gain insight on your life through contemplation of the runes of the Elder Futhark, a mysterious and magical alphabet of the Ancient Germanic people.

* Draw a single rune or use the three rune spread for your questions.

* Browse all the runes by title or rune image and view their individual meanings and magical correspondences.

* Optional reverse runes.

* Optional Wyrd (blank) rune.

* High definition themes, choose from 2 backgrounds, and 2 profile icons.

Great app! So much information and easy to learn/remember.
Heidi N
I love this app
jeremy Chapman
It's a well thought out app. Simple, yet intuitive.
Chucky Chuckerson