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About Photo Gallery and Screensaver

Supporting photos from your device, as well as online sources including Google Photos, Facebook, and Flickr.

Browse your photos and videos easily, offering a great way to view and share albums on your big screen. Please note that this app is optimised for the TV and will not navigate nicely on a touch device!

Showcase your photos as an Android TV Daydream/Screensaver/Slideshow.

Please note both the screensaver and gallery have an in-app purchase. The screensaver is limited to the 50 oldest photos in your library. The gallery won’t let you view photos and videos full screen. This lets you play and test the app at your leisure before purchasing if you choose to.

** Photo Sources **
- Google Photos
- Facebook
- Flickr (including your friends and family photos)
- Local photos on your device
- USB devices and SD cards
- NASA Photo a Day
- Any requests? Let us know!

** Features **
- Optionally auto include new photos and albums.
- Easily include or exclude some or all albums.

** Gallery Features*
- Browse your albums for each photo source you choose to add.
- Browse your photos and play your videos full screen.
- Play slideshows of your albums.
- Search your library.

** Screensaver Features
- Photos load in the background for seamless playback.
- Customise the time delay between photos.
- Navigate between photos whilst daydreaming.
- Photos are chosen intelligently based on when they were taken and last viewed.
- Choose to show or hide: portrait photos, the time, information about the photo, currently playing artist and song, if available.

Since this app looks for new photos in the background, it means you only need to set it up and customise once and then you'll never need to think about it again. Just sit back and enjoy watching new and old photos alike, from your own collection as well as any chosen friends and family.

** Setting your Screensaver **
To set this app to become your default screensaver, follow these instructions by Google (

1. From Android TV’s Home screen, scroll down until you reach Settings.
2. Select Settings
3. Select Daydream/Screensaver.
5. Select "Photo Screensaver and Gallery" from the options.

** Set wait time for screensaver **
You can choose how long it takes for your screensaver to start when you’re not using your Android TV. Here’s how:

1. From Android TV’s Home screen, scroll down until you reach Settings.
2. Select Settings.
3. Select Daydream/Screensaver.
4. Select When to Daydream.
5. Select "Photo Screensaver and Gallery" from the options.

** Feedback **
Please reach out to us at [email protected] with any questions, comments, problems or requests - we'd love to hear from you!

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Fantastic app. I use this on my NVIDIA Shield TV to show my (local copy) of my personal photos. It displays useful info from metadata on the photo to include folder name, geo location and photo date along wi...
Bryan Willacker
Hi can you provide some update as to when the app will work with the new 2019 Shield and Shield Pro? I purchased it and can install on all my devices including the 2017 shield with no issues and it works gre...
BassMan Strikes
This app was very easy to install and intuitive setting up and connecting it to a source was pretty straight forward. A word of warning (or advice) at least for the 2015 Nvidia Shield. I ended up playing aro...
Eric Johnson
Great app. Helped a lot. Can you please do something with location label since its pretty inaccurate. It would be great if it can show location from (like in) Google photos. Thanks :)
Jovica Kesić
Seems to be much better now so I have updated my review to 5 stars, good stuff :) --...
Adam T
Great app. Does what it says on the tin. Adding Microsoft OneDrive as a photo source would be even better.
Daniel Stirrat