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About Wicca Calendar

The first Wicca app in Play Store!

Main features:
- Wheel of the year : it allows you to know the dates of the main Wicca celebrations
- Moon Phases : it allows you to know the current moon phases
- Glossary : whether you are a neophyte or a Wiccan expert you will find any word about this world
- Book of Shadows : you can take notes to all your spells and witchcraft
- Gallery : photogallery of the community

You can also customize the app with your favorite theme.

Join the community !
Download app and don't forget to visit our Facebook page!

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Excellent! I love my #WiccaCalendar app.
Brian Chauncey
As simple as it is it's a perfect manager tool especially the digital Book of shadows
Brett Stevens
Bhumi Deb
Lovely app, a very valuable function, it can switch between hemispheres- Thank You
Joshua De Kooker
This app is so wonderful! Any chance you could make it a widget? I would love to have it on my home screen!
John Cureton
Honestly better than I thought I was gonna be I dont use the BoS but it's really nice app and its pretty simple it would be cool if you added crystal and plant info tho like that would just the cherry on top
meanwhile bbq