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About Speak Chinese - 5000 Phrases & Sentences

Play, Learn and Speak – discover common phrases for daily Chinese conversation!
✔ 5,000 useful phrases for conversation.
✔ Learn Chinese in your tongue (60 languages available).
✔ Best FREE app for learning fast.

Speak Chinese Fluently in Real Conversations
With Learn Chinese application, you can now explore over 5,000 Chinese phrases for short daily conversations while having absolutely pure fun! Whether you’re a tourist having a vacation in an Chinese speaking country or someone who just wants to speak a foreign language, this application will help you learn Chinese phrases in a fast, easy and enjoyable way.

Why Our FREE App is Different
✔ No internet connection required – play where you want and when you want (offline).
✔ 5,000 common phrases – audio pronunciations and phonetic transcriptions to show you how native speaker from China actually pronounce them.
✔ 11 fun games – a innovative approach to practice your listening, writing and speaking skills.
✔ 4 levels for learning: beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert.
✔ 20 topics divided into 145 subtopics – so you’ll know what and when to say each phrase.

Topics for Chinese conversation: Greetings, Conversations with friends, Basic sentences, Travel, Transportation, Hotel, Restaurant, Food, Shopping, Work, Business etc.

More Features to Improve Your Chinese Speaking Vocabulary
✔ Search and bookmark your most common expressions from the phrasebook.
✔ Earn points as your Chinese skills progress and unlock all levels for free.
✔ “Random Categories” feature to randomly select the topic, subtopic and game.
✔ 60 languages –so you could understand and speak each phrase easily regardless of which country you’re from.

About FunEasyLearn:
Fun Easy Learn has developed many applications to help people around the world learn foreign languages for free. Fun Easy Learn applications improve your Mandarin skills: speaking, listening and grammar. The dictionary of the apps has human voice pronunciation for each common phrase to improve your speaking skill.

Speak Chinese easily and fluently for travel, business or fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can you learn from the Speak Chinese app?

You can learn over 5,000 useful phrases for conversation in Chinese.

Can you learn Chinese in different languages?

Yes, the app supports learning Chinese in 60 different languages.

How is this app different from others?

This app does not require an internet connection and provides audio pronunciations and phonetic transcriptions for phrases.

What levels are available for learning?

There are 4 levels available: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert.

What topics are covered in the app?

Topics include greetings, conversations with friends, basic sentences, travel, transportation, hotel, restaurant, food, shopping, work, business, and more.

Can you search and bookmark common expressions?

Yes, you can search and bookmark your most common expressions.

Are there games to practice listening, writing, and speaking skills?

Yes, there are 11 games available to practice these skills.

How many languages are supported in the app?

The app supports 60 languages.

What does Fun Easy Learn specialize in?

Fun Easy Learn specializes in developing applications to help people learn foreign languages for free.

Can you improve your speaking skills with this app?

Yes, the app provides human voice pronunciation for each common phrase to improve your speaking skills.
only bad thing is the 3 wheels that could be a bit confusing, so basically just a minor design problem in my opinion. No other complains so a well deserved 5 star
Geadau Valentin
Very good experience
mahetab ahmed
One of the best apps to.learn language ...thnx
shusho bahie - Egyptian Goldians
I love it
Jelay Vista
finally upgraded my phone for smoother usage.
Ismail Sadi
Hen hao
Hendra Purnawan Ahyandi