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About this app:

Make UPI payments, recharge, pay with Funday. make UPI transfers or do mobile recharges bills and payments. do business with your bank account with Bigmee India PVT ltd [Fundpay] make simple and secure payments with our app.
Many people who join with us get amazing rewards from our system and share their experiences with friends.

Security level:

We maintain a high-security level with all bank details and bank money is secured with us. Your confidential data is always secure with us. We provide the best services each transaction is secure with a pin. With your money transfer processes, you have control with always make sure that our customers get satisfaction about our services.

Account balance check:

Each time no need to go at bank account to check your account balance you can easily log in with our app see your account balance with just one click.

Electricity bill, water supply bill:

You can easily pay your electricity bills within a 5-minute using fundpay app it’s very easy to pay all your bills. You also get a confirmation of payment via SMS.

Landline, mobile postpaid, prepaid bills:

We provide our services 24by7 secured and trustworthy services. Pay your landline bills easily using our Fundpay app all over India. pay your prepaid bills using our app.

QR code transaction:

Make secure and easy transactions with QR codes. Credit and debit your account balance easily also do business using our app.

Pay online with FUNDPAY:

Also, pay all your bills scanning QR or with bank details or using mobile numbers .it is totally secured and easy. Our app is so user-friendly that anyone can handle it easily and secured it from hackers and other cyber issues.


Do RTGS, NFET using our app your payment or your transaction will proceed further without any disturbance as per under the bank rules and regulations.

Fast secured payment with credit and debit cards:

Using your debit and credit card you can do easy payments with FUNDAY
And also do the payment in other apps like shopping apps and other categories like food delivery app

Nice refern and earn system.... We can get daily cashback
Deepak Naik
I can't open this app as longer I want
Mahima Rathod
Very good cashback