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About Cancer.Net Mobile

Get easy-to-use tools to help you plan and manage care – from diagnosis through treatment and beyond – provided by Cancer.Net, including the latest oncologist-approved cancer information. Brought to you by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).

Intuitive, on-the-go tools keep track of questions, symptoms, medications, appointments, and health care providers, allowing you to:

• Get Information – up-to-date guides on 120+ types of cancer, including treatment, managing side effects, cost of care, and living with cancer

• Record Questions - easily jot down questions for your doctors and record their answers

• Log Medications - take photos of medication labels and bottles. Input dosage, frequency, and prescribing provider. Set reminders and record when medications are taken

• Track Symptoms – note symptoms and side effects. Automatically plot severity, date, and time in an easy-to-read line graph

• Appointments – enter appointments with health care providers, view upcoming appointments, history, and sync with device calendar

• Providers – record health care providers' full contact information. Assign, questions, symptoms, and appointments to specific providers

• Scheduling – add questions, symptoms, or medications to your mobile device calendar

• Link Questions - link any questions to ask at your next appointment with a current symptom, medication, or provider

Cancer.Net Mobile is a companion to the Cancer.Net website, a service of ASCO, the world’s leading professional organization representing physicians who care for people with cancer. All information on Cancer.Net was developed and approved by oncologists who are members of ASCO. Cancer.Net is supported by the Conquer Cancer Foundation, which funds breakthrough cancer research and supports the sharing of cutting-edge knowledge with patients and doctors worldwide.

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An app that is so helpful, That it really does Help! Especially when a thousand questions flood your mind, but escape you when you actually see your Cancer doctors. I will be putting it to the test today.
C. Hoffa
It is a tremendous help to track your symptoms on a daily basis so much you tend to forget when In treatment and after with recovery. Also having so much information at your fingertips regarding your cancer....
Claudia Olivares
This App has been the best companion I had by my side as my mother fought the battle with cancer. Thanks a lot.
Saeed Idris Hasan
A lot of valuable information in the palm of your hands. This App is GREAT!
wenmac Mckoy
Just what I need for on the fly charting.
Sarah Baker