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About Draw with FP sDraw Pro

FP sDraw is the most convenient drawing application. Suitable for sketches, as well as for art drawings.

Features of the program:
- Very fast and smooth operation;
- Small size: less than a megabyte;
- No advertising;
- Quick function access with volume buttons;
- Convenient menu;
- Full multitouch support;
- Auto-save to prevent drawing loss;
- Full drawing pens support, in particular, Galaxy Note;
- Finger hovering detection (if supported by device);
- A lot of settings;
- Unique lines smoothing algorithm;
- Detects pressure force;
- Dynamic brush thickness, to achieve interesting effects;
- Precise brush, specially designed for drawing small parts on the phone;
- Filling closed areas;
- Undo / Redo actions;
- Insert images from the gallery;
- Customizable grid on the background;
- Adding text to the picture;
- Selecting and moving fragments of the picture;
- Drawing primitives;

Please note that this version of the application is limited to 20 days of use, however, you can extend trial period for free when it ends.

Kudos to the developer. He is extremely intelligent and pragmatic. Mightily impressed. The app size is smaller than a photograph on mobile and there is marvellous functionality. Please provide zoom locking a...
Dr Jaspreet Rakkar
Fantastic Paint-like drawing app in an extremely tiny package. iHA
Михаил Михайлов
Very Good Application.
Anupam Goswami