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About FSI GO

FSI GO is a cloud based software platform enabling the rapid delivery of enterprise mobile processes.

Using the fully web-enabled Management Portal, users can build fully customised activities to deliver enterprise mobile processes, extending the functionality of both FSI Concept Evolution™ or any third party integrated system.

FSI GO supports mixed environment Smart Phones and Tablets, 'bring your own device', and comes with a range of pre-designed template processes.

To use this application you will require a user name and password, and have to be a customer of FSI. The FSI GO App provides access to the FSI GO enterprise processes extended to mobile, and forms part of the FSI Go platform.

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Introducing the most advanced, streamlined and user-friendly agent software ecosystem in the world. BrokerBay’s thoughtful, easy-to-use interface has been intelligently designed to reduce administrative workloads, empower agents to do more deals, and thoroughly impress clients - all from one central location.

Our modern mobile app allows agents to:

• Book and manage your showings on the go
• Search and share listings using a modern map interface
• Open and manage electronic lock boxes
• Customize and collect showing feedback
• Register and manage offers, submit and verify Form 801's
• Advanced chat system to communicate with any agent
• Manage listing settings on the go
+ And a whole lot more

It's time to get real estate software out of the 1990's. BrokerBay's mobile experience is built with the latest technologies and codebase. We evolve at the speed of technology, allowing you to focus on your business.

My TimeBook

My TimeBook


My Timebook App has been designed to be used by Longshoremen who work on the waterfront. Used by ILWU locals on the west coast ports.
Go mobile! Have your time book with you at all times. Keep track of where you've worked and most importantly, keep track of your hours worked.

Update 1.4.1
- Fix issue with daylight saving time

Update 1.4.0
- Add support for 2018

Update 1.3.0
- New pay rates for 2017

Update 1.2.7
- Add holidays and milestone dates for 2017

Update 1.2.6
- Update pay rates for Canadian locals and grain jobs
- Add missing jobs for Local 63
- Extend free trial for rest of 2016

Update 1.2.4
- Update pay rates for 2016

Update 1.2.2
- Year 2016 updates
- Job/Hours Report
- File system navigation on .csv data import
- Timestamped .csv data export
- User-interface refresh
- Stability fixes

Update 1.1.4
- New pay rates

Update 1.1.0
- Export jobs to CSV file
- Import jobs from CSV file
- Add career hours tracking
- Add 2015 support (via in-app purchase)

Update 1.0.5
-Fix scrolling/navigation, pay grade determination, and holidays

Update 1.0.4
-Supports Google Backup & Restore of app data (if enabled on phone settings)

Update 1.0.3
-Fix quarter start/end dates calculating earnings as overtime
-Add travel location/pay
-Add new jobs/categories/locals

Update 1.0.2
- Update clerk-related jobs with correct pay rate
- Fix Hatch Tender job crashing
- Fix crash when entering job with < 1 hour

Update 1.0.1
-Added days of the week to the calendar
-Swipe navigation in the calendar and week summary
-Total hours in the week summary

- Enter daily job events with the following information: Shift, Ship, Location, Job, Hours, Flop Hours, Average Hours, Travel Hours, and Notes.
- Ability to update job events.
- Automatic Calculations of Check-In Hours, Actual Worked Hours, and Earnings.
- Hours worked calculated for each quarter, year to date, selected month, selected week, and career hours.
- Earnings calculated for each quarter, year to date, selected month, and selected week.
- Monthly view of all job events including all Holidays.
- Configuration panel to update primary shift (day/night) and Local (Casual, 13, 63, 94, ...).
- Automatic filtering of jobs based on Local selection.
- For users which have less than 4000 hrs, enter Career Hours in User Profile and have this App keep track of your hours worked.

This time book app has been developed by someone who works in the industry. Any suggestions for enhancements are welcomed, if reasonable will be considered.

The time book will be renewable on a yearly basis for $1.99.

For more information or for comments, go to:




ViGuide - the best way to commission a Viessmann boiler

• Please note this app is intended only for trained professionals. If you are not certified to install and commission a Viessmann product, please call your local installer or contact us to help you find a Viessmann partner in your area. •

It’s time for a new start

We have completely streamlined boiler commissioning and moved the process to a user-friendly mobile app.

In a couple of simple steps, ViGuide will safely guide you through the process of commissioning a Viessmann boiler.

Even you are new to the Viessmann boiler model, the simplified app allows you to carry out the steps with ease, as efficiently as possible and in less time.

The app will guide you step-by-step through the commissioning process and thus ensures that all necessary commissioning steps are carried out completely and in the correct order.

Synergy WorldWide

Synergy WorldWide


The official app for Synergy WorldWide Team Members is ready for action. Check the status of your business and the growth of your team. Manage orders and access resources. Enjoy the real-time control of your distributorship while sharing Elite Health across the world.




The IDA App offers you a simple and intuitive solution to operate your IDA room unit from anywhere in the world.

With the IDA room unit and the practical app, you can control your heating system in no time at all.

Heat via your tablet or smartphone App

The IDA App allows you to set the temperature in your home quickly and easily. Regardless of whether you are at home, on the road or at work. Especially useful if you've forgotten to turn off the heater. Or if you are at home earlier than expected and would like to keep it warm!

IDA App:
- Remote control of the heating system
- Temporary room temperature adjustment
- Wizard for simplified setting of the time program
- Three time programs for desired heating phases
- Holiday programme
- Overview of energy consumption**
- Contact details of the installer
- Active fault message (via push messages)
- Overview of faults on the heat generator**
- Appliance information
- Management and operation of several IDA room units via one app
- Connection and operation of an IDA room unit with various smart devices
- Demo mode

IDA is not only a versatile but also an independent controller. This means that you have all the essential functions both on the IDA room unit and with the IDA app.

The room unit can operate a heating circuit and domestic hot water preparation. If, for example, you have a problem with your local Wifi connection, the IDA room unit will not let you down and you can continue to set the temperature normally or change other settings, including the time program!

* Internet connection on the smart device required!
** Only with suitable heat generators

Exact Online

Exact Online


Real-time insight into your financial figures or accounts receivables anytime, anywhere? Quickly scan an invoice or receipt and add it to your accounting? Easily keep track of time spent on projects, view your payroll slip, or request personal time-off? With the Exact Online App you have real-time access to the most important financial figures from your accounting. The tools embedded in the app help you to work smarter.

With the app you:
* Get a clear insight into your most important financial figures – from revenues to bank balances
* Manage your customers and customer contacts
* View days sales outstanding (DSO) figures and invoice history
* Can easily add expenses, receipts, or invoices to your accounting
* Approve or reject purchase invoices with a swipe
* Track projects and easily register your time spent on projects
* Create and send simple invoices
* Keep track of your leave balance and request leave
* Can view your payroll slips (NL)

Please note that an Exact Online subscription is required to use this app. The possibilities of the app vary and depend on your Exact Online subscription in combination with your user profile. Please visit our website for more information

Some older reviews are harsh but all the newer version have resolved the old problems. Those that didn't like it really should try the newer version. Richard T
Richard Townsend
Excellent App...
Sathish Balasundaram
Great engineer/task management. Huge reduction in duplicated work and helps towards system management with the direct input from the engineers.
A Google user