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About Freshii

Eat. Energize. That’s the Freshii mantra. Freshii is a health casual restaurant concept that serves fresh food designed to energize people on the go. Freshii serves a diverse and completely customizable menu of salads, wraps, bowls, burritos, juices, smoothies, frozen yogurt, breakfast and catering.

Do you follow the Paleo diet? Are you Weight Watchers devotee? Are you looking for a Low-Carb or Low-Sodium meal? With the freshii app you can explore and order nutritionist designed meals customized to your dietary restrictions and preferences.

Find your nearest freshii restaurant based on GPS location.

Save time and skip the line by pre ordering on your Android device. Pay with credit card, earn rewards and access exclusive deals.

Access nutrition & allergen information for any Freshii menu item.

Contact Us
At Freshii, we value guest feedback. On the go and want to provide feedback about your meal or restaurant experience? Get in touch with our feedback feature or email us at [email protected]

Not sure why the app is so lowly rated. Looks good and works great. Allows me to easily place my order and pick it up minutes later.
Jesse Golden
great, easy to use!
Pam Kring
Ilmunnisa Hussain