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Free Yourself from Fear: Overcoming Anxiety and Eliminating It from Everyday Life pdf by Joseph O'Connor

This book is a successful guide on how to get rid of fear, and helps us understand the most complex ideas through the practical strategies it presents; It examines the various types of disturbing factors in human life, whether physical or social. It also discusses various fear-inducing issues such as speaking in front of others,
or constant worry about a personal sense of security. The main objective of the book is to help us get rid of these fears in order to reach a state of psychological freedom. This book includes practical and easy-to-apply guidelines, most of which aim to teach the reader a set of skills, the most important of which are: How do you identify trustworthy and unworthy people? How to develop the ability to feel safe in the most dangerous situations? How do you overcome the social fears of this era? How do you adapt to changes, and not be afraid of the uncertainty of the future? How do you focus on the present, and work to reach complete psychological comfort? To other skills without which we will not be free because we will not be free from fear

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