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About Freedcamp

Master your Tasks with Freedcamp, the most advanced task management for Android.

Collaboration has never been this easy, whether solo or with a group. Shopping lists, work projects, or a wedding. Stay organized with advanced task functionality:

- Assign tasks to people
- View Tasks per Project or items assigned to you
- Prioritize with three levels of importance
- Discuss tasks via comments
- Set due dates

Create projects, organize tasks by Task List, and tackle your tasks from start to finish.

Use this application to successfully work on any type of project life brings. At work, at home, plan your wedding, or manage your team. Freedcamp is always there ready to assist you every step of the way.


Use your account to access our web-based application at

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Freedcamp?

Freedcamp is a task management application for Android that allows users to organize and collaborate on tasks, projects, and activities.

What are the features of Freedcamp?

Freedcamp offers advanced task functionality, allowing users to assign tasks, view tasks per project or assigned to them, prioritize tasks, discuss tasks through comments, and set due dates.

Can Freedcamp be used for both individual and group tasks?

Yes, Freedcamp can be used for both individual and group tasks. It provides an easy way to collaborate and stay organized whether working alone or with a team.

How can Freedcamp assist in project management?

Freedcamp allows users to create projects, organize tasks by task list, and manage tasks from start to finish. It provides a comprehensive solution for successful project management.

Is Freedcamp a free application?

Yes, Freedcamp is absolutely free to use. Users can access the web-based application at using their account.
We love it!
Christopher/Nasis Zerman
An excellent free app for helping to organize your small business!
Polly Wallis
Great app and great freemium model! The free features work awesome for small-med size projects (very generous). Love the cross-platform support too! As a software developer, I immediately recognize a top not...
Tanner Currie
Very good experience, just started using it yesterday and I have never found an user experience so intuitive and simple. Awesome job guys!
Dons Davis
Thank you sir. Very nice app
Thanks for ultra fast response. The workaround works but after all it is a workaround. It would be great if you could integrate some ways to differentiate like hovering the cursor or long pressing on the ava...
kunal ravi