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About QR Code Reader - QR Scanner

QR Code Reader - the app helps you capture product information quickly. Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of typing URLs, searching for information, etc. QR-Code Reader helps you decode all product questions right on your phone. With just a scan of the code, QR Scanner makes your purchasing decision even easier. QR-Scanner supports users to create barcodes themselves and share them with relatives and friends in seconds.

QR Code Reader is a smart app that can protect users from fake QR codes containing dangerous links. QR-Code Reader uses the camera to automatically scan the code. Furthermore, you can also use QR Scanner to generate QR codes and barcodes. The outstanding upgrade features of QR-Scanner that everyone should install on their phone:

- Barcode-Scanner can scan many types of codes directly or scan codes from image libraries such as QR codes (Data Matrix, PDF417, Aztec) and barcodes (UPC, EAN, code 39,...)
- Barcode Scanner supports continuous scanning of multiple codes at the same time.
- QR Code Scanner helps you to preview the brief content of the code and then decide whether to open it or not. This feature helps to keep users safe from dangerous links or malicious websites

- QR-Code Reader has a flash function to help users scan codes in low light environment
- The QR Scanner's autofocus capability provides comprehensively accurate results.
- Barcode-Scanner customize autofocus or manual focus
- The scan area of QR Code Scanner is custom resizable according to the shape of the code

- Barcode Scanner allows you to create your QR code to share convenient information such as text, wifi, email, URL link, location, phone number...
- Besides, QR Code also helps you create barcodes for your products quickly

- With QR Code, users can directly open URL links with Custom Chrome Tab without having to switch to another browser
- The same person can also directly search the information of the code right in the app Barcode Scanner.

- QR Code Scanner is divided into 2 sections: Generated Code and Scanned Code for easy management
- Feature to mark important codes for easy search
- The filter of QR-Scanner simplifies searching and quickly filters out codes by category

- App Barcode-Scanner not only directly shares personal code or scanned code, but also shares URL link, information, location... from another app. You will be suggested to go to QR Code to generate a code compatible with the desired data type.
- With this QR code and barcode sharing feature, code sharing will become easier and faster than ever

With diverse features and amazing code scanning speed, QR Code Reader is a useful QR Scanner app for users in their daily life. QR-Code Reader has smart coding, and friendly design to help you keep up with new technology trends. In particular, all information in QR-Scanner is always absolutely confidential. Download QR Code Reader now to scan and generate superfast codes on your phone easily and completely for free!

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