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About Awesome Owl

Life of an owl is full of deadly dangers and exhilarating rewards. Experience it all in this insanely addictive one touch feathered flying game.

✭ Tap and touch to fly, dive, loop and maneuver around dangerous obstacles and pick up sparkly bonus points.
✭ Discover the owl world as you progress through the game
✭ Procedurally generated world - every flight is different
✭ Experience the thrills of owl life: Hunt for food, catch a mate, feed little owlets,...
✭ ...and crash...
✭ ...a lot.
✭ Online achievements and leaderboards - beat your friends score before they beat yours.

May the force of nature be with you.

I loved this game❤
Archana Arya
Princess Oye
love 😍
A Google user