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About Wheel Launcher Full customizable sidebar

Tired of sidebars and edge screens? Get yourself a wheel!
Wheel Launcher is an edge panel that resides on top of everything on your device. Wheel Launcher does not interfere with your main launcher, but provides a fast way to reach your favorite apps, shortcuts, contacts, tools, toggles and settings - just pull the icon on the edge of your screen. To hide the edge panel drag the icon off screen. Wheel Launcher allows you to add any shortcut that is provided by your apps, like direct dial any of your contacts or settings shortcut, like battery, sound, Wi-Fi and so on. Wheel Launcher is the most comprehensive edge screen on Google Play!
Wheel Launcher is a lightweight app, no unnecessary services and processes that occupy your RAM. Less RAM used - more battery saved!
If you have anything to ask, suggest or if you found a bug - do not hesitate to drop me an email.

Wheel Launcher Features
• Fancy circle design
• Easy one hand navigation
• Quick access to apps and shortcuts
• Contacts
• Notification badges[Android O+]
• Accessibility shortcuts
• Quick settings toggles
• System settings shortcuts
• Audio controls
• Gestures
• Themes
• Left/Right sided panel
• Icon pack support
• Icon or shape trigger support
• Autostart on boot
• Recent apps.
• Shake! You can open and close the Wheel Launcher by shaking your device.
• The panel is resizable with adjustable item count.
• Blacklist

Full version
• Unlimited number of items on the main panel
• Folders support
• No Ads

Apps - Press the + button and add any apps, like Youtube, Facebook, Netflix or your favorite games to fast access them from any other application and without navigating through your phone.

Gestures - Apply motion gestures and start items directly from the trigger. Select a gesture for any app, shortcut, contact or tool and launch it with one quick motion.

Notification badges - Long press on any app icon to preview available notifications.

Contacts - Add your favorite contacts and access phone, sms, email apps, Whatsapp and Viber.

Accessibility shortcuts - this includes Home, Back, Recent apps, Power(Android L+), Screenshot(Android P+), Lock screen(Android P+) and a couple more.

Icon Packs - Download any Icon Pack from the Play store and apply all icons with one click or change individual icons. You can also turn any photo from your gallery into an icon and set it's shape.

Quick settings toggles - 6 quick settings toggles Sound, WiFi, Flashlight, Bluetooth, Location and Orientation.

System settings shortcuts - Access often used system preferences with one click and without searching through device settings.

Item count and appearance - Change position, item count, size or hide labels and make the Wheel Launcher look and feel just like you want.

Themes - Customize your phone! Wheel Launcher comes with a handful of themes to compliment you device's look. You can even change individual colors on some themes, pick colors from your wallpaper, etc. You can also change trigger appearance, making it any color or transparency.

Folders(available in full version) - Create folders and add apps, shortcuts and contacts to organize your Wheel Launcher even more.

Recent apps - navigate and access recently used apps.

Audio controls - After starting you favorite music/audio app you can control the playback using Wheel Launcher audio controls.

Similar Apps - visible in preview.

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Works great. Had to reinstall to get rid of the annoying displaying over other apps notification though.
Thomas DePaolo
Ļove the layout and visual effects
Jillian Grabowski
Really good no problems with it love it.👍🌹❤️
Rebecca Stokes