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About Auto 360

Use Auto 360 application in order to control your vehicle equipped with a remote starter!

You will be able to remotely control the following actions from your smart phone from almost anywhere in Quebec and Ontario (consult the coverage map).

You need to have a MS3 device installed by your certified installer in order to be able to control the vehicle.


>> Commands
- Start
- Stop
- Lock
- Unlock
- Trunk

>> Multiple vehicles and users
You can allow up to 3 secondary users to control your vehicle, and you may have an unlimited number of vehicles in a single application.

User-friendly. Much improved version.
RĂ©al Thivierge
we installed it on our car.. it works perfectly until now. the only thing thay we would like to know is how we can use the activation code on my husbands phone(is it possible two ppl use the same code?) beca...
fariba asghar