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About Dino Puzzles

The dinosaur puzzles is a wonderful puzzle game for both adults and children.

Much thought has been invested into making this game educational and entertaining at the same time.

The game offers several key features:
✔ All puzzle pieces have the same shape (square), which helps the player focus on finding the next piece based on its content rather than shape, which is more challenging, and thus more beneficial for development.
✔ A limited number of pieces is displayed for selection at any given time. We have developed a special smart algorithm which decides which of the missing pieces to show. This narrows down the matching possibilities, making the game even more interesting
✔ The game tracks the player’s progress, and adjusts the complexity of the puzzle accordingly, so that the player is neither bored by simplicity nor overwhelmed by complexity.
✔ If the puzzle appears to be too difficult anyway, it is displayed in black&white to make it even easier. A smart algorithm decides when to switch this mode on or off.
✔ A cute interactive animation is displayed every now and then to make this game even more enjoyable.
✔ The player can select the number of small pieces in the puzzle: 4, 9, 16, 25, or (only on tablets) 36.

Our goal at Forqan Smart Tech is to provide the best value for your family, allowing them to develop visual and cognitive abilities, to learn to communicate with their peers and the environment around them, and to acquire important life skills. Each game is designed by a professional for the specific age group.

It is the time to have fun and learn with our wonderful "Dino Puzzles" game!

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very helpful to my kids,,I enjoy also playing the games,,,
Ernane Macalinao
Allison Smith