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About Music Challenge - Sunday Night Music Battle

Will this brand new Music Challenge - a tap music battle game provide you with the most enthralling music battles of all time? These music battles will rock your world from start to finish. You may play a variety of battles and listen to a bunch of catchy titles. Music Challenge will entertain you not only for Friday night but for the entire week.

Music Challenge is a great music battle game where you play as FNF boy and take various rap battles with interesting opponents. A full game with 7 zones, 21 tracks and diverse rivals such as Racing boy, Senpai, Pico, Monster… Have fun! And enjoy the battles in Music Challenge.

How to play
🎵 Emulate challenges with different levels and difficulty
🎵 Listen and feel the beat to hit the arrows precisely

🎹 Variety of levels along with different hit songs
🎹 Amazing 2D animated graphics
🎹 Large music library with addicted rhythm

If you are a fan of the FNF - Friday Night Funkin, Music Challenge is exactly what you are looking for. Let’s download and enjoy the rhythm of the music battles

I like music challenge game is my favourite game from characters songs and new friend
Md shahidul Islam
Cool, Yo!
Angel Willson