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About Augmented 7 Wonders

Description :

Augmented 7 Wonders is an augmented reality app that helps you play the 7 Wonders™ board game.

Principle :

1- You don't remember the rules of a card that's in you hand or you find it difficult to understand.
2- You film that card with your device's camera.
3- The app shows, in augmented reality, the detailed explanation corresponding to the card being filmed.
4- Since version 1.3, the application incorporates an automatic scoring functionality. When the scoring mode is activated, all the filmed cards are recorded and the points are automatically counted. This works for all types of cards.

Cards handled by the app :

- Original 7 Wonders™ Cards (including "wonder" cards and boards).
- Cards introduced by the Cities extension (including "wonder" cards and boards).
- Cards introduced by the Leaders extension (including "wonder" cards and boards).
- Promo leaders.
- Wonderpack wonders (except for scoring mode).

Detailed statistics :

Pressing the central chart allows you to get more detailed statistics of the game. Each of the cards registered in the scoring mode is displayed, along with the points it earns.

Cards detection :

If you notice that the cards aren't detected by the app, it's most probably a matter of brightness of the room you are in. The card's surface must be well and homogeneously lit in order for it to be recognized by the app. To enhance detection, you should turn the lights on and rotate the card in the direction of the light source. At any time, the app also gives you the option to turn the flashlight of your mobile device on, if any.

If those advises don't help you enhance cards recognition, you should also consider trying to change the distance between the camera and the card being filmed. The optimal distance may vary from one device to another.

Saving / loading statistics:

At any time of the game you have the option to save the statistics


At any time of the game, you have the option to share a screenshot of the statistics in the way that suits you best.

Long explanation texts :

If the explanation text currently being shown is bigger than the height of the targeted card, you just need to scroll the text up with your finger.

Power saving :

Sessions of 7 Wonders™ can last a long time (even more if you don't know the rules very well !). In order to save battery, the camera is, by default, set to be automatically deactivated after a period of inactivity of 1 minute. You can change that in the options.

Languages :

Currently supported languages : English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian

Very helpful
Zhenya Baskakov
This app has made teaching this game unbelievably easy- need more apps like this!
Isaac Trickey
Very well designed AR app that counts your points for you
Jarom Madsen