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About Experimental Noise Room

Experimental Noise Room is a music app for performing unusual music with a unique collection of musical instruments and equipment.

No musical skill or knowledge is needed to use any part of the app.

There are three instruments to create music with:
- Route painter: Create melodies by drawing on a canvas
- Drum Groove Machine: Create and manipulate drum loops on a spinning disk
- Feedback pendulum: Create feedback tones by swinging microphones above a speaker.

Also, there are three pieces of equipment for manipulating the sound of the instruments:
- Effect pedals: Alter the sound with distortion, pitch shifting, delay, flanging and equalizing.
- Lo-fi tape recorder: Record, playback and loop sounds (exporting recordings requires an in app purchase)
- Mixer (purchase required): Change the volume of each instrument.

This is goofy-fun! I play the feedback like a theremin by holding down the mic & sliding it around. Love it. I paid for full version. Wish devs would make other apps
Kevin Eaton
Very interesting and unique, this could really go somewhere!
Chris Stubbs
1)a REALLY cool tool to visualize+explore different aural concepts+textures, wish I had a room like this haha 2)would maaaybe like a more deliberate way to map notes+delete beats but it's nbd and really sick...
Joaquin Mercado